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Karen is a lifelong learner with a passion for exploring the mysteries of the universe. She received her BA in Philosophy many moons ago, which sparked her love of inquiry and critical thinking. Karen went on to study hypnotherapy and past life regression, delving deeper into the workings of the human psyche. 

Her love of nature and fascination with the healing power of plants led her to study herbalism, where she learned to work with the natural world to promote wellness. While her varied interests and hobbies make her a bit of a dabbler, they also keep her from walking into the sea. 

Karen is a Sagittarius with Scorpio Rising and an Aries moon, which probably explains her intense curiosity and her occasional tendency to be an asshole. But fear not, dear listeners, Karen is on a quest to be less of an asshole every day.

Deborah is a celestial sleuth and connoisseur of cosmic curiosities. With a dash of wit and a pinch of charm, this professional astrologer has spent the last decade guiding starry-eyed souls through the labyrinth of the cosmos.

Deborah's journey began in 1993 when she earned her BA in History. A lover of stories, both terrestrial and celestial, she was captivated by the tales that unfolded throughout time. In 2001, the stars aligned, and Deborah found her true calling, diving headfirst into the world of astrology.

Our intrepid astrologer boasts a Cancer Sun, Taurus Rising, and Taurus Moon—a celestial cocktail that makes her equal parts nurturing, steadfast, and warm-hearted. These astrological traits have been woven seamlessly into her practice, creating a unique blend of cosmic wisdom and down-to-earth guidance. 

You can book an astrology reading with Deborah here.

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